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The hardcore legend Mick Foley opens up about a lifetime of injuries, healing with DDP Yoga, performing his one-man show, today’s WWE and helping out Santa in real life on the Turnbuckle Weekly with C.

The last 12 months have been an incredible journey for "The Bad Guy". Hall’s close friend, former wrestler, shameless self-promoter and high-fiver and pioneer of DDP Yoga, "Diamond" Dallas Page welcom.

As promised, Page sent Roberts a DDP Yoga package, which included a nutrition guide. known as the “Accountability Crib” — in the Atlanta suburb of Smyrna, Georgia, to continue his progress. Six mon.

Former WCW & WWE Superstar Diamond Dallas Page joins Rick and John to talk about the state of Professional Wrestling and how Yoga can save your life. Former WCW Champion and WWE Star DDP joins Rick an.

Diamond Dallas Page, famous for his success in the WCW and WWF, created DDP Yoga after finding that yoga helped ease. REAL SPORTS was the sole sports program recognized by the University of Georgia.

I grew up on an Army base in Georgia, so I was a huge NWA fan. A buddy and I called to the coach and asked him the details. He said DDP was in the area promoting his new yoga (what!??!!) DVD and ha.

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Diamond Dallas Page says enough is enough when it comes to the WWE’s Hulk Hogan ban. telling TMZ Sports the Hulkster’s done. the pro wrestling legend told us at his yoga performance center in Ge.

Director of football performance Frank Wintrich learned about DDP Yoga six years ago and became an avid follower, but he never had much success convincing players to do it at previous stops. When he t.

The two were in town for a series of workshops at “>DDP Yoga Performance Center in Georgia. Never low on energy or entertaining anecdotes, a chat with Mr. Page is bound to leave you feeling inspiring.

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"He had that incredible charisma and personality and that ‘it’ factor, and Rousey’s got that same thing," DDP told TMZ Sports at his yoga performance center in Georgia. DDP would know — he and Goldb.

They look like this: And now, the Best and Worst of WWE Survivor Series 2015. 1. Tyler Breeze and Summer Rae condescended. which is a testament to both DDP Yoga and that indomitable Rhodes gene. I.

I said 310 pounds and he said are you serious, well let me tell you about this new thing I’m doing it’s called DDP Yoga… He sent it too me and I started looking at it and said I can do this. I started.

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Which brings me to today’s message… ATTACK YOUR WEAKNESSES! When I was a toddler. A couple of years ago, my buddy got me a gag gift: A scrubbed DVD of a yoga program called DDP Yoga. For those of y.

DDP Yoga has gone from a niche product into a full-blown phenomenon and Page never stops working to advance his vision. Dallas and Steve Austin are longtime friends as stated by both men many times, a.

Legendary wrestler Diamond Dallas Page says once upon a time, he "wouldn’t be caught dead" doing yoga. So how did DDP end up creating his own fitness program.incorporating yoga? Page recently opened.

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It was exceedingly rare to see black men as managers in Southern pro wrestling at the time (WCW was based out of Georgia), and Long quickly established. In the 2000s, he started hocking his own tak.

With hard work, dedication and DDP Yoga, Roberts is now in the best place he’s been in years. Wrestling fans across the globe had smiles on their faces as he took his rightful place in the HOF this pa.